An Introduction To Deborah Judith's Recordings

Although Deborah Judith's music training is based upon the western Classical tradition, her essential connection to music has always been grounded in the universal principles of transformation and healing. The creation of music that actualizes these principles is the motivation and inspiration for all of Deborah's recorded works. Her classical repertoire has been carefully chosen to aid the listener in accessing moods and states that are conducive to meditation and inner relaxation. Ms. Judith's original compositions are invocational in nature, with a very strong focus of attention on awakening integration and the transformation of all unconscious tendencies.

The communication of inter-being compassion, harmony and divine love are inherent factors in the sacred temple space of conscious music creation. This heart harmony with the living light of transcendent awareness during composition and performance makes it possible for the music to become a vehicle for holy communion with the being listener's higher transformational potentials...

Deborah has performed and recorded works by J. S. Bach, Domenico Scarlatti, Ludwig von Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Frédéric Chopin, Johannes Brahms, Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, Eric Satie, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Thomas de Hartmann and G. I. Gurdjieff, among many others. Her original compositions are almost always spontaneous and completely improvised, very much in line with the Keith Jarrett tradition. Stylistically, Judith's music has been called neo-impressionistic, but in its aim and focus the term transcendental music might be more appropriate. Yet this transcendence fully accommodates the human experience.

Her first 3-CD release, Evolving Heart Harmony 1, 2 & 3©, was performed and recorded in preparation of, during and just after the conscious conception, gestation and natural home birth of her daughter Harmony Light. "Evolving Heart Harmony follows the flow of spontaneous feeling. Most of the pieces on EHH were created when I was pregnant with Harmony. Any piece with Harmony in the name is dedicated to her and her presence within my body and in my life. The music is best listened to in a gently focussed space with time to hear it all and just be present. It also makes wonderful background music."

Six months later, the raga-like Mantra Mandala
© was released.
"Mantra Mandala is based on a short theme or motif. That should be easy to hear as it is presented individually at the beginning of the first few tracks. That is the Mantra - the repeating of a phrase over and over as the focus of one's meditation. Each piece or movement explores different ways of playing the mantra - different registers - high/low, different combinations - right hand mantra /left hand tones that explore various harmonies with the mantra and then reversing - left hand mantra/right hand harmonious counter tones. The mantra moves all over the range of the keyboard. Tracks 1 and 2 explore the mantra higher up then lower down. Starting at about track 3 or 4 they begin to shift from hand to hand. Then both hands are simultaneously playing the mantra, reversing and inverting it. The music forms geometrical patterns. Usually, the Mandala refers to visual symmetry. This music Mandala is aural symmetry."

Over the course of a year, Deborah Judith held a special series of concerts, Music From The Heart, which featured performances of some of her classical repertoire. These intimate soirées played before packed audiences invited from the local community. The first recording to emerge from these concerts was Classic Symmetry
©, a wonderful array of some of the most beautiful compositions written for classical piano. The next in the series will be Classic Co-Creation

A marvelous live concert performance of the conscious music compositions of G. I. Gurdjieff, Thomas de Hartmann and Deborah's own work was released in March, 2005. Entitled Sacred Vibration© this luminous work is a must have for anyone interested in transcendental music. (See below) Also due for release, is the long-awaited 2-CD set of new original compositions, Ocean Of Grace©. The brilliance, depth and warm intimacy of her playing are evident on the track Dancing The Eon©.

Deborah Judith's continued exploration and deepening development, both internally and musically, has led her into unique and challenging new vistas, including her amazing 2-piano concerts with Lubomyr Melnyk. These works are representative of a totally different dimension of transcendental music, in which genuine transformation can and does occur for both audience and players.

In 2010, The TransGalactic Voyages Of Deborah Judith, a 23-part series of hour-long live concerts, were broadcast and recorded. The first volume of these beautiful, spontaneously created TransGalactic Voyages was released in June, 2011.

In 2011, E. T. Nada gave a 9-part series of highly original presentations on the nature and intention of conscious art and architecture, The Architects Of Conscious Transformation. An integral part of these programs was the musical invocation at the end of each segment – performed by the inimitable Deborah Judith. These powerfully evocative pieces will soon be released as The Architects Of Conscious Transformation - The Magic Of Music.

The appreciation and respect that Deborah Judith has received from a diversity of listeners is a tribute to her creative gifts. Artists, musicians, movement and meditation teachers, music therapists, specialists in therapeutic healing massage and bodywork, perfumers and people from all walks of life are unanimous in their praise. Deborah Judith's music is a welcome draught of rejuvenating refreshment for the weary soul of humanity. It is a gift well worth receiving, giving and sharing...



Whether it's a delicately subtle rendition of Debussy or the spontaneously improvised spiritual mood poems that flow through her fingers like crystal streams of nectar, Deborah Judith's penetratingly beautiful musical voyages will be a source inspiration for many generations of music lovers."

*E.T. Nada* - transformational alchemist

Tell Deborah my deep appreciation for her CDs and her calming and inspiring sounds. I appreciate your talents... I will listen and enjoy very much the tender creative touch of our precious Deborah. Merci bien Shalom"

*Samuel Avital* - mime and movement master

"The improvisations of Deborah Judith are an inspiration. They transport the creative listener to realms of unrestricted imagination."

*Boyd McDonald* - composer, concert pianist

"I am the founder and director of a perfumerie. My work involves the manufacturing of natural perfumes, distribution, and the managing of staff. I deal with a lot of people - it's very busy.... hectic. I often find myself losing center, getting identified in the maelstrom of events.

I have been playing all 3 CDs in the Evolving Heart Harmony series, which lasts for about 3 hours. In letting this music run during my work day, I've found myself remaining much more centered and graceful. I'm able to remember my real reason for doing what I'm doing. I've listened to lots of music, including rock, jazz, classical, etc. Very rarely have I encountered anything which has this effect .

Last night, around 2 a.m. at the end of a very long day, I shifted into WAITING mode, something I never do. (I found myself waiting for a friend to arrive.) I turned on Evolving Heart Harmony and just allowed my day to dissolve..... and I waited. The music gave power to my intention to dissolve into meditational space..... After a little while I noticed myself blissing into waiting for nothing."

*Michael O'Malley* - attarist

"Mantra Mandala is refreshing and very relaxing. I repeat it over and over."

* Carol Radway* - shaman

"I really enjoy your CD, Mantra Mandala. I find it helps me get into a state where I can look at myself, the events of my life, and the world more objectively. Thank you."

*jimi d* - engineer, jewelry craftsman

"I'd be in my studio in the morning and I'd need to put this one (Mantra Mandala) on. It's medicinal. If I'm at work and I don't feel totally awake, it helps me focus."

*Robert Pasternak* - visionary artist

To listen to selections from each of these CDs, go to the Music Downloads page

The TransGalactic Voyages Of Deborah Judith - Volume 1

These exquisite works of transcsndental music are dedications to Universal Love and Awakening – magical offerings emanating from true Heart and Being.
1. The Alchemical Fire - D. Judith
2. Leaving For Home
- D. Judith
3. Fountains And Streams Of Consciousness
- D. Judith
4. Timelessness Awaits
- D. Judith
5. Going Beyond The Veil
- D. Judith
6. Where Are We Really Going?
- D. Judith
7. I Don't Know
- D. Judith
8. Thank You
- D. Judith
9. After Twilight
- D. Judith
Total playing time: 76:32

A Handful Of Light

A dynamic compilation of selections from 10 years of Deborah's musical works, including 3 new pieces from her magnificent 2010 - The New Decade Concerts series.

Space Change - D. Judith
Pre-Birth Dance 1
- D. Judith
Mantra Mandala - Part III -
D. Judith
Variations on Prélude, Op. 23, No. 5 -
S. Rachmaninoff/D. Judith
The Path Of Beauty/Song Of The Molokans -
D. Judith/Gurdjieff/de Hartmann
Star Surfer - D. Judith
The Alchemical Fire -
D. Judith
Dharma Bells -
D. Judith

Total playing time: 76:12

The Concert For World Inner Peace
Lubomyr Melnyk/Deborah Judith

Lubomyr Melnyk and Deborah Judith are musicians and individuals whose lives are dedicated to the creation and realization of authentic transformation through their music. Their life paths took them on distinctly unique trajectories, but the essential parallels at the heart of their work eventually made possible this collaboration into new dimensions of expression for their instrument. Their first piano concert together has produced a powerful and richly moving musical masterpiece, both for the audience and new listeners...

Deborah and Lubomyr's aim was to dedicate their concert performance to the healing of humanity and the planet. From this intention came The Concert For World Inner Peace. As the Dalai Lama so clearly and directly states, “To realize world peace, there must be inner peace in each one of us.” May the wonderful music that has resulted from these efforts become a growing inspiration to all musicians and listeners whose hearts, minds and beings aspire to realization of such a profoundly beneficial potential.

1. Another World
Lubomyr Melnyk ~ Piano ©2008 Lubomyr Melnyk
2. Visions Of Past, Future And Presence
Deborah Judith ~ Piano ©2008 Deborah Judith
3. Cloud Passade 4 (for 2 Pianos)
Lubomyr Melnyk ~ Piano, Deborah Judith ~ Piano ©2008 Lubomyr Melnyk
4. Gravity And Levity
Lubomyr Melnyk ~ Piano, Deborah Judith ~ Piano
©2008 Deborah Judith/Lubomyr Melnyk

Total Playing Time: 77:22

Sacred Vibration

G. I. Gurdjieff brought to 20th century Europe and North America, a type of Presence that was almost unheard of in those cultures. Here was an individual, who through his own efforts was somehow able to maintain a continuous stream of wakefulness in his life. Every aspect of his work was infused with this Awakened Presence. The music that Gurdjieff and his student Thomas de Hartmann created and transmitted to the world is among a small number of examples of what can truly be described as conscious sacred art. In essence, the music is grounded in the Awakened Presence that Gurdjieff demonstrably lived and passed on through the teachings and methodology of the Fourth Way. As such, this music can be a direct means by which an attuned human being may come to understand and Realize, just what it is to be Harmonious.

Real sacred music is a transformational journey to a Space that transcends the boundaries of time, place, language, culture and thought. It dissolves the seeming separations of false identity, of self and other, and opens up the real possibility for universal communication and communion. It is the language at the Heart of Being, and it reconnects us all to our true origins – and beyond to the Sourceless Source...

Gurdjieff, de Hartmann and Judith blend perfectly. Music Magic!

01. Persian Song
02. The Deep Within *
03. Oriental Song
04. Untitled #9, V. 1
05. Untitled #10, V. 1
06. Duduki
07. Armenian Melody
08. The Path Of Beauty *
- Song of the Molokans

09. Kurd Shepherd Melody
10. Song of the Aîsors
11. Song of the Fisherwomen
12. Allegretto
13. Armenian Song
14. Ancient Greek Melody
15. Assyrian Women Mourners
16. Joyful Journey *
17. Untitled #40, V. 2
18. Dervish Dance #5, V. 2
19. Sayyid Chant & Dance #8, V. 2
20. Sayyid Chant & Dance #9, V. 2
21. Sayyid Chant & Dance #10, V. 2
22. Dervish Dance #14, V. 2
23. Untitled #18, V. 2
24. Beyond the Smiling Sunset *
25. Untitled #20, V. 2
26. Sayyid Dance #22, V. 2
27. Sayyid Dance #26, V. 2
28. Dervish Dance #27, V. 2
29. Moorish Dance (Dervish)
30. Sayyid Chant & Dance #8, V. 2
31. Sayyid Dance #31, V. 2
32. Katzapsky Song
33. Bayati
34. Dervish Dance #36, V. 2
35. Untitled #37, V. 2
36. Dancing On Light *
- Caucasian Dance
37. (VII) Alenooshka?s Lullaby
- from 12 Russian Fairy Tales

Total Playing Time: 78:39

Classic Symmetry
Deborah Judith LIVE!

Judith - Love Everlasting
Gurdjieff/de Hartmann- Seekers Of The Truth
Parts I, IV, V, VI, IX
Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata
Brahms - Intermezzo Op. 118, No. 2
Rhapsody Op. 79, No. 2
Rachmaninoff/Judith - Variations on Prélude Op. 23, No. 5
Rachmaninoff - Prélude Op. 3, No. 2
Prélude Op. 32, No. 12
Debussy - Clair de Lune

Total playing time: 65:38

Evolving Heart Harmony 1

Happy Return
Question Of Balance
Flowing Unknowing
Coming Certainty

Total playing time: 62:38

Evolving Heart Harmony 2

Sweet Harmony
Bright Morning
Harmony Space
Space Change
Perfection Nature

Total playing time: 63:20

Evolving Heart Harmony 3

Happy To Play
State Of Self
Pre-Birth Dances 1 & 2
Dances Of Motherhood

Total playing time: 54:38

Mantra Mandala

Parts I, II, III, IV, V, VI

Total playing time: 73:54

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