Deborah Judith was born into a musical family. Her mother was an accomplished pianist and teacher. Her sister is a practicing music therapist and professor on the subject, while her father continues to maintain an active membership in local choir and operatic groups. She began her piano training at age four, and rapidly became a virtuoso player by her late teens. In addition to piano, Deborah also dedicated herself to becoming an outstanding violinist and organist. She received several university degrees in music, and was poised to go on to a concert stage career when a great spiritual crisis transformed her entire outlook on music and life. She became a serious student of some of the deeper teachings related to the role of conscious music as both a healing and transforming agent in the life of the universe. Fortunately, in the intervening years, she has developed a sense of humor as well. While deepening her essential understanding, she has raised a family, returned to classical performance, composed and recorded her own unique style of music (sometimes referred to as Neo-Impressionistic Haiku [the long form]), and continues to teach and share these special healing gifts with humanity.

"I smiled a lot as an infant. Definitely look happy. Sometimes I felt lonely lying in a black room in my crib. My baby/child eyes would strain to see any traces of light until a gentle thought would remind me of the limitations of physical eyes and that it was best to relax and close them. I would eventually drift off to sleep.

Before my conception, my mother, Patricia Rae Arnason, had a thought/wish that it would be nice to have another child. I guess that was enough encouragement for me; I was conceived very soon afterwards. She remembers a feeling of happiness. Birth was simple and uneventful. It was a hospital birth, short and uncomplicated. I was a quiet and happy baby. My mother would bring me into the room where the family was gathered and I would intently watch the goings-on for hours. It wasn't even necessary to hold me although I would have wished for more of that.

Fast forward to the first piano lesson at the age of 4. I remember Mommy holding out her hands, fingers extended straight out and asking me to do the same. I had begun the formal study of music! It was exciting.... Public school was somewhat rigid and repetitious for me. Being a very high-energy child made it difficult to sit quietly at a desk for several hours a day. I developed coping strategies and accepted this as a required feature of human life.

I subsequently went on to finish high school and then immediately entered University to further my studies in music. Four and  one half years later saw me with a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance. Learning has continued since leaving this venue of education.

Throughout this I have been searching for a deeper sense of fulfillment with life. In the School of Music I awoke to piano performance being a real life option to take. By the end of the Bachelor program I knew that the classical concert stage was not an adequate performance vehicle for me. And so the search continued......"

Later in the next millennium...

April 6, 2007

While taking a break from the practising of Continuous Music it felt like a good idea to do some movement work. Put on EJ Gold's Indoctrination Loop CD and worked with ESD for a while. Then decided to put on Love Everlasting (track 1 Classic Symmetry) and move with that. Most successful, fun & interesting! Then a new and wonder full development. I began to sing, chant and hum with the music. The voice opened up and I spent the next 15-20 minutes working with the different registers. Columnar resonance started to manifest with the vibration extending right to the abdomen. My voice went through various permutations and I was successfully able to work through tensions that would cause the voice to jump into the throat. At some points a large volume of sound would appear. Memories from a few months of Excellent singing lessons in 4th year university came into my mind and coached me on how to constructively manipulate my body/voice. (many thanks to Ms. H. Standring for her help and professional demeanour)

I am so grateful to my inner being/soul for communicating directly with me to offer teachings about developing my musical abilities. May all beings deeply connect with their inner posture of teaching/learning.

I am so deeply blessed & grateful.

Please give this ability to everyone who truly wishes to access it. THANK YOU DIVINE.

love dj

On December 4, 2011, Deborah Judith and ClearLightSound hosted Lubomyr Melnyk in a world premiere
performance of his monumental magnum opus, WINDMILLS. This remarkable musical event has been released
as a Full Spectrum Omnisonic CD of continuous music in 3 movements: The Storm: Awakening: The Ascension.
Needless to say, this milestone in pianistic composition and performance has to be heard to be believed...

Transcendental Pianists Deborah Judith and Lubomyr Melnyk
"Transcendental music at its most beautiful and sublime!" ~ "Amazing and brilliant!" ~ "Delicacy and power
perfectly combined. Pure bliss!" ~ "Vivifying and awakening!" ~ "Exquisitely immediate yet indescribable!"...
These are only a few of the many real and heart-felt comments left by enraptured audience members who have attended
performances by Lubomyr Melnyk and Deborah Judith. Over the past several years Ms. Judith and Mr. Melnyk have given
unforgettable 2-piano concerts that have transported and uplifted listeners into refreshing, undiscovered transformational
aural realms. They are musicians and individuals whose lives are dedicated to the creation and realization of authentic
transformation through their music work. Their life paths took them on distinctly unique trajectories, but the essential
parallels at the heart of their music eventually made possible their collaboration into new dimensions of expression for
their instrument.

Lubomyr Melnyk is considered to be among the great pianists of the new millennium. His brilliance in composition,
performance and innovation has taken him into new and consciousness-expanding dimensions of piano music. Unveiling
revelatory realms of sound, sensation, feeling and awareness, the voice of this singularly magnificent instrument is finally
able to sing the secrets of its soul through what Mr. Melnyk has named Continuous Music. Continuous Music isn’t so much
another stylistic form as it is a totally new “language” for the piano, through which player and audience are able to inter-
connect with the music in subtle and profound ways. A stupendous physical and mental technique is required to be able to
play this music at its most fully developed level; unprecedented also is the vast treasure house of possibilities it has opened
up for the piano. The evocative beauty of his music has amazed audiences wherever he has performed.

Deborah Judith was poised to go on to an early concert stage career when an irresistable spiritual crisis transformed her
entire outlook on music and life. Through this process she became a serious student of the deeper teachings related to the
role of conscious music as both a healing/transforming agent in the life of humanity. These new understandings inspired
her to return to performing, composing and recording a totally new repertoire. Ms. Judith's original compositions are
beautiful, spontaneous and completely improvised. They are invocational in nature, with a very strong focus on the
awakening of impulses that lead to the integration and transformation of all unconscious tendencies. Stylistically, Judith's
music has been called neo-impressionistic, but its aim and focus may be described more accurately as transcendental, yet
this transcendence fully accommodates the human experience.
When Deborah Judith and Lubomyr Melnyk agreed to do concerts of freshly created pieces, their conscious aim was to
dedicate their performances to the healing of humanity and the planet. May this aim be a growing inspiration to all
musicians and listeners whose hearts, minds and beings aspire to realization of such a profoundly beneficial potential.

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