Blessings on the Soul of humanity.

May genuine conscience awaken within the Beingness of humanity.

Divine Mother Prayer For The Moment Of Death

Holy Heck It's Really Happening

Yay, hooray and alas, even though I never allowed myself to believe it would happen to me, even though I lived in denial up to my last moments as an organic form, the completely strange and frightening concept that this physical form will someday pass away into the Great Ocean of simple Being has dawned in my awareness. I know Beyond uncertainty that this ego will dissolve utterly and completely. I am strangely relaxed and peaceful. It's becoming too much effort to unceasingly struggle for survival and fear the unknown that awaits me everywhere I turn.

Divine Mother, May I See the Radiance of Your Infinite All-Encompassing LOVE. Take me into YOU. Make me ONE with YOU. Teach me that I have nothing real to fear from this journey to Completion. Show me the Path of Acceptance. Help me to understand that it is Really OK to die, even if I still cling to the belief that I will forever cease to exist. Teach me to accept non-existance and appreciate in Deep Humble gratitude that it is totally OK to be Nothing, totally OK to live and to die, totally irrelevant the concept of OK/not OK. Teach me to become High Indifference about anything that may or may not happen to me. Show me where my true Home is, Mother. Take me Home, Mother. I am ready for this journey.

Please bless and take care of those I leave here in the world of form and ego. Allow me to Help my Beloveds even after I am gone. Let me Love and Bless their paths with Light and Endless Compassion. Make me like unto Thy Self dearest, darling


Make me ONE with ALL and in so doing dissolve the veils of samsara


Oh MOTHER. I can Feel YOU. YOU are dissolving me..............
Oh...........There is no Other.

Copyright 2001 - 2013 Deborah Judith